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Hand Control 🖐
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1. Take a picture of your hand performing an activity
3. Use Hand Control to place my hand on top of yours!
4. Save it here (It may take some time to download...)
5. Please share with me!
On the internet I place my hand on yours
is an ongoing collection of user-generated images in which my virtual hand is placed on top of others’. These images are created using the Edit Mode.

This project stemmed from a previous project where I became interested in people’s behaviour to naturally claim the streets, corners and car parks as their social space— due to the lack of well-planned public space in Melbourne City.

I approached strangers in these places and asked to “join” them in whatever they were doing. By subtly touching their hands with my hand, I was merged inside their intimate personal space amongst the busy streets.

However, as this project was held on pause due to the global pandemic earlier this year... I began to think about our space in an increasingly digitised world, seeking to carry on this intimate touch from the physical world into the digital.

Here, I invite people to upload images of their hands performing an activity and then using the Edit Mode to place my hand on top of theirs— allowing my intimate invasion into their private space even while we’re physically apart…